Faith R. Foyil

If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad
 - Lord Byron

Faith R. Foyil is a multi-faceted writer with over 20 years experience in advertising, marketing and journalism.  She is currently accepting freelance assignments. Please 
contact her if you are interested in having her compose and/or edit serious and/or humorous feature articles, company marketing collateral, website content, advertising copy, newsletters, or press releases. 


Maybe you're just a colleague or pal from the past who wants to stop by and say hello. Now's your chance to
 tell her what you really think about events like:
Your 2009 interview 
("Faith, that was 'personal goals,' not 'personal galls' - I demand a retraction!")
Her 2008 humor column on teeth ("Good God, Faith - resorting to ridiculing your children's hygiene!")
That exhausting 2003 dinner party ("You were right, Faith - the lamb was overcooked!")

To see a few samples of Faith's humor columns, take a peek

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